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Head Teacher Assistant Head       Office Staff EYFS - Reception Site Manager


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Mrs. Rainford

Mrs. Cawley

  Year 2

Mrs. Taylor Mrs. Lloyd Mrs. Harvey Mrs. Sconce Mr. Whelan
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Mrs. Mullen

Mrs. Lewis
Year 1
Mrs. Bracewell
Year 3
Miss Doak
Year 4
Mr. Hilsden
Year 5

Mr. May
Year 6

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Mrs. Williams
Mrs. Harries
              Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants Teacher Teaching Assistants
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Mrs.Doyle Mrs.Pond Mr.Carlile Miss Hay Mrs.Tomlinson Mrs. Lowman Mrs. Jones Mrs. Lightfoot-Ward

Specialist Dyslexia

Emotional Literacy

Support Assistant



Kitchen Staff and Mid Day Assistants

school logo.png Julie Rees.JPG Stacey Frodsham.JPG Jane Farrell.jpg Lyn Little.JPG Anne Wilkins.JPG
  Ms. Rees Mrs. Frodsham Mrs. Farrell Mrs. Little Mrs. Wilkins
Karen Jones.JPG Natalie Jenkins.JPG Alexandra Charlton.JPG Donna Dickinson.JPG Monika Poznanska.JPG Jennie Tucker.JPG
Mrs. Jones Mrs. Jenkins Miss Charlton Mrs.Dickinson Miss.Poznanska Mrs. Tucker

Who Are We?

Guilden Sutton Church of England Primary School is in a semi-rural location at the heart of the village of Guilden Sutton, on the outskirts of Chester. The school is a lively, happy place where all are treated as individuals within a Christian family atmosphere.
If you require a paper copy of any of the information on our school’s website, please contact the school office and we will provide this free of charge.
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Where Are We?

Guilden Sutton Church of England Primary School Arrowcroft Road
Guilden Sutton
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The School Day

Monday - Friday 8.50am - 3.20pm (32.5hrs)

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Mrs T Rainford | Headteacher
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs C Lloyd | Mrs L Taylor
01244 300 353

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