And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

Through the teachings of Jesus, all can flourish spiritually, emotionally and academically throughout life, living out love and justice for all. Our Christian values of love, justice, compassion, wisdom, forgiveness and friendship underpin the life of the school community and impact on our daily lives. Guilden Sutton Church of England Primary School strives to provide the best possible education for our children. We aim for excellence within our happy, secure school where each individual’s achievements are valued and celebrated. By using a holistic approach, we will provide a curriculum that offers a diverse and challenging environment to inspire and motivate every child in our care.

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Mathematics is important in everyday life. The purpose of maths at Guilden Sutton Church of England Primary School is to provide a foundation for understanding number, thinking logically and developing resilience that enables all children to reason and problem solve with increased confidence, so that all children are prepared for the future. We aim to, wherever possible, link work to other disciplines such as science, geography, history and computing. We build upon children’s knowledge and understanding from Year 1 to Year 6, challenging and encouraging them to excel in maths.

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To ensure full topic coverage, the school uses ‘Collins, Busy Ants Maths Scheme. This is a whole-school primary maths curriculum that creates continuity and progression in the teaching of maths. Children complete a weekly pre and post learning task on each topic to ensure progress is being made through their maths journey. Basic maths skills are taught daily and include fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Lessons are differentiated to ensure that there is appropriate challenge for all learners. Any misconceptions are quickly addressed through interventions and Early Morning Groups and recorded in bespoke Intervention Books. The children carry out weekly Arithmetic tests to assess their basic calculation knowledge. Homework is set to revise, review and embed children’s learning. Throughout school, each morning begins with a reasoning task for the children to complete and discuss that builds on and consolidates prior learning. All children receive the same curriculum offer. Our ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum is adapted to ensure learning for all our children is never narrowed. Mathematical resources and additional support are available and utilised where appropriate to further enhance first quality teaching.

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Here at Guilden Sutton Church of England Primary School, our children are confident mathematicians and understand the purpose of maths and how it can prepare them for the wider world. As a result of our maths teaching at Guilden Sutton, the majority of children reach end of year expectations and achieve above the national average. Assessments take place on a termly basis and are recorded in our in-house tracking system. Children demonstrate quick recall of facts and procedures. This includes the recollection of the times tables. They are able to independently apply their knowledge to a range of increasingly complex problems. Children are reasoning with increased confidence and accuracy and fully engaged. They are keen to talk about maths and their learning and the links between mathematical topics. Children show a high level of pride in the presentation and understanding of the work.

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Guilden Sutton Church of England Primary School is in a semi-rural location at the heart of the village of Guilden Sutton, on the outskirts of Chester. The school is a lively, happy place where all are treated as individuals within a Christian family atmosphere.
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