Lunchtime and Snacks

Lunchtime, Snacks and Healthy Eating

All Reception and Key Stage 1 children are entitled to free school meals.

Meals for children in Key Stage 2 cost £2.41 each. The criteria for eligibility for free school meals in Key Stage 2 is available by clicking this link or for more information call 0300 1237039.

Our meals are cooked on-site and come highly recommended. School meals are optional and the children may bring a packed lunch to school or have a combination of both throughout the week. 

When the Reception class children begin to stay all day, lunch will be eaten in the hall, initially with their Year 6 buddies, so that the children settle into the lunch-time routine. The children are well supervised and the Midday Assistants check that they have eaten a good amount. Children are informed of the daily menu.

Meals are to be chosen and paid for in advance online via the School Spider app.  If your child has missed a lunch that was paid for with illness or a school trip, the amount will be carried forward or refunded on request. 

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Packed Lunch

The school works with parents to promote healthy eating. If your child has packed lunch there are a few things to remember:

  • Make sure your child enjoys eating what is provided in their lunch box.
  • Preparing the lunch box together is a good idea.
  • Please do not over-fill your child's lunch box as children can find it very daunting if there is too much to finish.

Healthy Snack

Your child may have a snack in the morning and afternoon.

They can bring their own fruit (fresh or dried) from home or toast and a fresh fruit drink are available at morning break. Children order this during morning registration - money should be brought into school and will be collected by the class teacher.

Toast – 25p

Fruit drink – 30p

School provides free fresh fruit and vegetables for all Key Stage 1 children in the afternoon, e.g. apples, pears, bananas, tomatoes, carrots etc.

Water Bottles

We encourage children to live a healthy lifestyle and to drink plenty of water.
A water bottle should come to school with fresh water every day (no squash or flavoured water please). Please check that the water bottle is clearly named. Please do not put water bottles inside the book bags. If they leak, they can damage reading books.

School Dinner Money

School Dinner Informations for 2022 - 2023

Monday 5th January 2022– Friday 21st October 2022

35 meals @ £2.41 = £84.35

Monday 31st October 2022 – Friday 16th December 2022

35 Meals @ £2.41 = £84.35

Wednesday 4th January 2023 - Friday 17th February 2023

33 Meals @ £2.41 = £79.53

Monday 27th February 2023 - Friday 31st March 2023

25 Meals @ £2.41 = £60.25

Monday 17th April 2023 - Friday 26th May 2023

29 Meals @ £2.41 = £69.89

Wednesday 7th June 2023 - Friday 21st July 2023

33 Meals @ £2.41 = £79.53



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