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Pupil voice is highly regarded within Guilden Sutton C of E Primary School. One of the ways pupils can express their ideas is via the School Council.

The School Council meet regularly to share and discuss views.

Each class across the age ranges, starting from Reception through to Year 6, have two main representatives that have been elected by their peers.

Each class also has a School Ethos Ambassador, who join our strong team to help promote the school’s vision and values of ‘Love mercy, act justly and walk humbly with your God.’ The children are enthusiastic members and are keen to fulfil their role as Councillors.

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School Ethos Ambassadors

We are the School Ethos Ambassadors! Our aim is to make new children feel comfortable in our Christian school. We will monitor our Christian Ethos and vision and look for opportunities to develop this. 

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Health and Safety Team 

We are the Health and Safety School Councillors. Our job is to see if anyone wants to change anything. We will do this in this method: gather, enquire and change. 

Education Commitee 

We want to improve our learning by having more interactibe equipment throughout the classrooms and more reading books. We help people by improving our learning system, we listen to everyone's idea to help our school with stepping up on our education. 

School Council Minutes

In our first school council meeting of the year, we decided which roles each councillor would like to take on. We will have a Health and Safety team and an Education Commitee. We discussed the role of the School Ethos Ambassador. 

The next meeting we had, we worked in our three groups to write questions we would like to ask our peers to find out their thoughts and opinions and see how we can make improvements. 

School Ethos Ambassadors: 

What could make our Christian Ethos better? 
How could we help new children feel comfortable in a Christian school? 
How could we make our school motto and vision bigger in the school? 

Education Commitee: 

What is your favourite lesson and why? 
Which lessons could use some improvement? 
Do you have enough subject-based books to read? 
Would it help to have more things to help you learn around the classroom? 

Health & Safety Team: 

Where do you feel safe in school? 
Where don't you feel safe? 
Do we need to change anything? 


Harry, Izzy and Isaac have been busy collating the answers ready for us to discuss and decide upon actions! 

One point that was raised was that classes felt that they would like more poetry books to read. Imogen and Thomas made a phone call to the Education Library Service and asked for a class set of poetry books to be delivered on their next round. 

In another meeting, we discussed our different roles and what they entail. Each group wrote a paragraph together to describe their role.


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School Council members at a meeting to discuss school dinner choices.


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Previous School Council members taking part in an online ethos conference with other local schools.

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