COP26: Uniting the world to tackle climate change.

First things first – what does ‘COP26’ even mean?! Well, ‘COP’ stands for ‘conference of parties’ – a meeting that involves lots of different people working towards the same goal.

COP26 is the 26th meeting of members of the ‘United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

It began in 1994, when many world leaders became part of the UNFCCC and agreed that their countries would help to combat global warming. Since then, a COP has been held every year so that decision-makers can get together and discuss what to do next.

So COP26 is a huge, important meeting all about taking action against climate change.

What are Guilden Sutton C of E Primary School doing to get involved?

We are proud to be living in a place that is determined to be the first sustainable palm oil city in the country.

  • Staff and children are striving to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever they can.

The Eco-champions (who mee every Tuesday after school until 4.20pm) are at the forefront of this. See the photos below for some of their projects . . .

1 Eco Champions.JPG 2 Eco champions.JPG 3 Eco champions.JPG 4 Eco champions.JPG






Reusing the boxes our paper is delivered in, to create paper recycling points within each classroom.

5 Paper towel sign.JPG 6 Papre towel sign.JPG 

Creating posters, as reminders in key areas, to reduce the amount of resources used, such as these on our paper towel dispensers.

7 letter.jpeg 

Writing to local councillors and MPs requesting funding for schools to have their rubbish recycled.

Future sessions will be looking at ways to encourage no waste at lunchtime, both in our school dinners and our packed lunches, as well as seeking funding for a school pond which will not only encourage new species of plants and animals to our school grounds but also provide a great educational resource for all our classes. 

8 Nature detectives.JPG 9 Nature detectives.JPG 10 Nature detectives.JPG 11 Alan.JPG 12 Alan.JPG

During the warmer months we run Nature Detectives after school on Fridays for KS1 children.  This club is held outdoors and explores the nature that is all around us, involving the children in their local environment and encouraging them to enjoy, protect and provide for it.

Last year we created a bug hotel, a log pile, planted wildflowers for the bees and butterflies, went birdwatching and bug hunting as well as making miniature gardens on a plate.

The Nature Detectives also surveyed the school grounds for a suitable place to put our bird boxes with cameras.  Thanks to Mr Davies for giving up his time to install them.

13 wildlife camera.JPG 14 wildlife camera (2).JPG 15 widlife camera.JPG 16 wildlife camera (2).JPG 17 wildlife camera.JPG 18 Wildlife camera.JPG 19 wildlife camera.JPG 20 wildlife camera.JPG 21 wildlife camrea.JPG

The Nature Detectives were amazed to discover the range of wildlife on our school grounds as shown by the night vision camera that they set up over May half term.

The Eco-Champions spoke to our cooks to find out how we can make our school food more sustainable and eco-friendly.  There are positive things happening already, such as using local produce where possible, but we concluded that the big suppliers would need to take the lead as schools are restricted in their choices.

Kitchen photo.jpg

The Eco-Champions have provided our midday assistants with lanyards sporting captions to encourage everyone to finish the food on their plates.


The Big Plastic Count

For a week during May, the school took part in Greenpeace’s UK wide survey of plastic use in our homes and schools.  The Eco-Champions ran a school assembly to explain how it would work. The results were quite an eye-opener as to just how much plastic is used over such a short period of time.  The Eco-Champions will be working to reduce plastic waste at our school and giving tips to reduce plastic usage in our homes.

Big plastic count assembly 1.jpgBig Plastic count assembly 2.jpg

Thanks to the Eco-Champions, our school now has a ‘no mow area’ which has flourished this summer, with some wildflowers appearing, attracting lots of wildlife.

No Mow May.jpg

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